Modern Swear Jar

3 Feb

A little something I am working on…

Now, I realize that swearing is such a crappy habit for a million reasons but for me the biggest one is that is just sound so harsh…like a record scratch in the conversation. I think it is fair to say I can get pretty frustrated and I am a little loose with the swear words at times. Never with my kids…they seem to give me more of a nervous twitch when all hell is breaking loose. But I do not want them to pick up swearing fr
om me.

So how can I put this horrible habit in its place and do something for the greater  good? I came up with the idea of dusting off the old swear jar but with a modern  twist. There are ton of websites that let individuals fund raise for their favorite  cause or organization. Here is what I am going to do. I live in a tight-knit  community with 300 active moms. They are always out fixing the park making sure  there are holiday events for the kids yatta, yatta. I am willing to bet that a good  portion of them have dirty mouths just like me so…..

I am working on setting up a community swear jar. First I will market it to the  moms and then I will branch out to the rest of the community. I can see the T-shirts  now: I swear by my community or I F@#King love NL…you get the picture. The  moms will basically use this as a kitty fund for the different things we want to do for  the community. There are even times when a family is in trouble so it would be  great to have a small reserve to help them out.

I am going to be pitching this to the “head moms” soon and I hope that it goes well. You know when you are new in the community you have to make sure the existing mommy feathers do not get ruffled my the new young, creative, attractive mom with two gorgeous boys.





the captain


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